Add It Up (Whole Numbers)

Goal: Matching and eliminating falling blocks.

Main play action: Left/right motion and toggle of falling block orientation.

Math support: Rapid absorption of addition facts involving 2 single-digit numbers.

Rumpel Doodah (Whole Numbers)

Goal: Flip all Rumpels onto a human pyramid and discard all Ruffians.

Main play action: Click to open jaws of a mechanical claw, dropping Rumpels/Ruffians.

Math support: Place value; pairwise comparison of whole numbers.

Intergalactic Pizza Delivery (Whole Numbers)

Goal: Deliver a pizza to the space station before the delivery robot does.

Main play action: Answering flash card facts involving all previously-studied operations.

Math support: Basic whole number facts crossing all four primary operations.

Equation Creation (Rational Numbers)

Goal: Create as many distinct equations as possible using given digit/operator tiles.

Main play action: Selecting tiles for equation area by either clicking or typing.

Math support: Compound operational facts involving whole numbers; order of operations; commutative properties of addition and multiplication; simple algebraic manipulation.

Manhole Mutants (Rational Numbers)

Goal: Eliminate all mutants from the sewers by dropping a wrecking ball on their manholes.

Main play action: Clicking an equation that corresponds to the value on a given manhole.

Math support: Basic whole number facts crossing all four primary operations. (Coming soon: Equivalence of rational numbers in the 3 common forms)

D-Cypher (Whole Numbers/Rational Numbers)

Goal: Decipher a series of mathematical codes to obtain historical treasures.

Main play action: (varies from code to code)

Math support:
(varies from code to code -- new locations correspond to recent material)
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The Black Whole (Rational Numbers)

Goal: Create and eliminate clusters of fractions whose sum is a whole number.

Main play action: Clicking to place new fraction pieces in a hexagonal grid.

Math support: Equivalent fractions; adding using common & uncommon denominators.