New! Indivisual® Math Game Arcade
This package contains three great pure play math games that both you and your students will find irresistible.
Add It Up
We reinvent the classic dropping tile game for addition. All other flash card products are obsolete. It's fast, visual, and it's got a great soundtrack! Once you start to play, you better cancel your appointments.
Black Whole
Disappear into fractional space of the mysterious Black Whole. Everything about this game is fresh and unique-from its hexagonal game board to its killer mixed denominations that will rearrange your mind as you are pulled into the Black Whole.
Equation Creation
Dust off the mortarboard math fans! You'll want to put on your thinking cap for this gem. How many different equations can you write with the same set of numbers and operators-all the while the clock is counting down? Tick, tick, tick.

Price per unit = $30.00

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